March 20

So about last night


I had a wonderfully weekend, and specially Saturday was a random, spontaneous, fun day. I had an urge for coffee in the sunny spring weather and called a friend. Met two of my favorite girls in town, and of course my baby Luna had to come too. Always laughter in the air when I meet these two, and that is just what I need more of in my life right now.

So coffee turned into “hey why don´t we have a girls night and go out”? I love random acts like that and I was in just that type of mood too.

girls day

The night was full of fun, drinks, shots, music, laughter, selfies, pictures, lipgloss (lol yeah I wrote it) heart to hearts, hugs, dancing, more drinks, you name it, everything a perfect girls night should have, we even had a song of the night which I still can not get out of my mind, and it will forever remind me of this night. Thank you so much girls, love you guys <3


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