My man deserves a medal

My man deserves a medal

I guess every girl that loves and cares about her man will say that he is the best in the world and deserves a medal, but in my case it could not be more true. The amount of stress, illness and disappointments this man has held my hand thru is remarkable. Lucky for me that he loves me so God damn much or else I think he would have run for the hills a long time ago. This man has bet all his cards on me, ON ME? And what does he get… For the last year I have been half a person and in many ways, I still am, but he makes me want to do better, be better, make better and have better, and he should a strong and whole women by his side. This gives me motivation, cause he deserves the best. I remember a quote : “If you can´t handle me at my worst, you don´t deserve me at my best” My boyfriend CAN handle it, and he (and I) deserve to have me at my best.

I can´t express how much I love him, I would do anything for this guy and for the first time Im in a relationship where I can be my self and still be loved unconditionally.

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